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A journey to the Moosbach-Rheinheimer-Railway

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A journey to the Moosbach-Rheinheimer-Railway


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Impressions of Moosbach 1 - City views (2011)

Right: „The „first place“ in the city of Moosbach: „Lounge & Restaurant zur Krone (crown)“. The Faller kit was part of the set  „Schillerstraße“ No. 130925 and is painted with dispersion colour from home improvement stores (little packages for testing). The „Lounge“ is equipped with self made appropriate interior.

Above: A view from Mozartstraße to the old bicycle factory „Victoria“.

The factory is made of a Faller kit

and will be shown in detail on the next page. Mozartstraße is used as a  reversing loop for the Faller Car- System on Bahnhofsstraße. The FCS-reconstruction of a 1950 Krupp Titan „Stiebel Eltron“ (the truck with the two engines!) will soon disappear in the underpass to the left, to pass the loop and stop behind the red DB Bus on a Faller car stop.

Below: „Grocery store Müller“ at Bahnhofsstraße. We are still in the time where „supermarket“ was a unknown word in Europe. However Müller will soon join with his store a well known retail chain. The Faller kit of the  „Goethestrasse“ set No. 130915 is cut in the middle in two parts and placed directly in front of the backdrop. The backside is used as independent building at another place. The  interior furnishing  was with the kit.

Left: „Empty property in Bahnhofs-straße“. The new construction site will soon infill the empty space with one of those typical living and commercial buildings of the 1960s. The visible backdrop is made of old MZZ parts and is decorated with contemporary

commercials. The corner house is already fresh renovated and contains the „New York Bar“.


Above and right: Also this rundown house was with the kit  „Schillerstraße“ No. 130925 from Faller. While „Delicacies Zipp“ (Feinkost Zipp) spent his money in a brand new  „butchers Opel“, is the other part of the building under reconstruction. The visible construction damages are made with a power tool and a  spherical head cutter. Faller card board „brick“ (170607) is glued into the holes and is showing the brick wall behind the plaster.

Colouring is made with  dispersion colour and gives a nice contrast to the identically constructed buildings „zur Krone“ and „New York Bar“.

The interior of the butchers shop is made on a PC and printed on a colour printer.

The refrigerated counter is made of a old  PVC packing. The neon sign “Feinkost” is reused from an old 1950s Faller kit.

Left: The gas station in the foreground  is a converted  BP filling station from Faller (130347). The typical 1960s gas stations in the Odenwald area  are from Shell or Aral. I decided for a Aral station, because one of those stations was not long ago present here in town.


Typical vehicles like the omnipresent VW Bug, Karmann Ghia and a Messerschmidt KR 200 together with usual suspects are completing the scene.

The owner of the gas station tries to get hold of the increasing traffic with red and white painted concrete blocks

However there is no doubt, that the service station will not stay much longer as an island in the growing traffic.


Above right: Ford TransitIstanbul Express“, another Faller Car System conversion, is parking in front of a typical house near the railway depot.