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  Model railroad 

last Update: 18. April 2011




MRE Banner


A page with first class pictures! (German, English, Italian)

Desktop freeware also for managing and presenting your own photos. Never again boring  desktop wallpapers! (English)

Homepage with a lot information about TE. Heiko is offering new motors with flywheel for old TE Engines.(German)

Homepage of  IG Trix Express. Very interesting information about TE and a excellent forum (German)

Jacques Let Plat and his fabulous HO layout

Ferbach. Absolutely worth to visit! (English and French)

Günthers Express pages - just have a look! (German)

Excellent new homepage of  Stefan Schnelle (German)

Richard Ryba and the Trix - Expressclub located in the  DB Museum in Koblenz (German)

Ralf Wolfs Trix fan pages with a great Database (German)

Sandro Colettas Trix Express Homepage contains a lot of information including a excellent forum!

Have a look! (German)

The new homepage of the Trix-Express friends in Berlin (German)


Interesting Homepage of the friends of the model railway system Trix-Express in Nürnberg and Fürth/Germany


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Trade marks or product names mentioned are trade marks or registered trade marks of the respective owners.

Interesting links I have found in the past years.                                               Have a look!

Bernd Tauert

Tips and tricks around Trix-Express

Have a look! (German)

Thuringers Eisenbahn

One of the largest and finest Trix-Express model railways! (German)


R.J. Exners model world

Finest model works also with Trix-Express!

A first class home page about model railroading.