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last Update: 18. April 2011




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Homepage with a lot information about TE. Heiko is offering new motors with flywheel for old TE Engines.(German)

Homepage of  IG Trix Express. Very interesting information about TE and a excellent forum (German)

Jacques Let Plat and his fabulous HO layout

Ferbach. Absolutely worth to visit! (English and French)

Excellent new homepage of  Stefan Schnelle (German)

Ralf Wolfs Trix fan pages with a great Database (German)

The new homepage of the Trix-Express friends in Berlin (German)


Interesting Homepage of the friends of the model railway system Trix-Express in Nürnberg and Fürth/Germany


Trix and Trix-Express are trade marks and registered trade marks of Trix Modelleisenbahn GmbH & Co. KG,        Göppingen/Germany.

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Interesting links I have found in the past years.                                               Have a look!

Bernd Tauert

Tips and tricks around Trix-Express

Have a look! (German)

Thuringers Eisenbahn

One of the largest and finest Trix-Express model railways! (German)

R.J. Exners model world

Finest model works also with Trix-Express!

A first class home page about model railroading.